The Brand


A story of a woman of FAITH. Mkamboi Mwakale is the visionary and the current custodian behind the brand SARU. She was among the pioneers to formulate Moringa Oil infused prouducts after discovering the notable virtues of behen oil and its efficacy to offer long lasting moisture benefits. This was a discovery by chance when she met a lamenting Moringa farmer in her countryside home when she and her daughter were enjoying a cup of Moringa tea. Moringa tea had become the norm in her house when she chanced upon it while trying to boost her daughter’s immune system in order to fight serious bouts of flu that kept her kindergarten going girl out of school something she says was frustrating and hated the anti-biotic that was being prescribed. However the farmer whom they had just met, was perturbed that people knew about the benefits of Moringa yet he hardly enjoyed any economic benefits as its farmer. He simply lacked market access and this conversation aroused a curiosity in Mkamboi in a bid to offer a solution to the farmer. Her faith told her there was something God was leading her to and she chose to lean on God’s guidance. She started extensive reading and research on every material she could find about Moringa and that’s when she discovered its high behenic oil properties that offers high moisturizing abilities and only occurring naturally high in Moringa oil. Armed with this knowledge she sought to learn how she can add value addition to Moringa oil and be part of the solution for the Moringa farmer. She named the brand SARU which is a native name in TAITA and means the organic manure that farmers can use for their crops for healthy crops. She believed if you use her inspired Moringa infused formulations, then you are adding SARU to your hair and the result can only be healthy gorgeous hair! Today, this journey of faith has become SARU’s strength, shaping the success of each formulated product to be a game changer as proven by the many testimonials we receive from our customers. More than just its organic manure meaning, this name is a reflection of our past and future. We promise you incomparable products, respect and keeping all things natural and sustainable.

Home for healthy gorgeous crowns!

In the early 2000, a conversation had started taking shape in Africa, a time when products formulated with major health risk ingredients were majorly dumped or aggressively marketed in African markets. Majority had been made to believe our hair is unmanageable and we need to use hair straighteners to alter the nature of our hair structure from curly to straight. However with growing cases of cancers, people started questioning a lot on what they used on their skin and hair. This was the time when Mkamboi was in college and had little knowledge on how to embrace her natural hair if it was not straightened. However she was tired of the straightening and more so because her hair was so thick that the hairdressers would threaten to charge her double the fees! She slowly began hating salon sessions. So when the Kenyan market started retailing natural products that could cater for curly hair she was excited but shocked at the price point. As a college girl, the price points were not near her reach. So when she got to learn all about Moringa oIl for her it was more than just solving the farmers issue on market access, it was about bringing clean and non-aggressive formulas to many other Kenyan women who were locked out on highly expensive imported brands. She has helped many women learn how to take care of their curls and embrace their hair type achieving gorgeous healthy crowns. Women with all sorts of different hair conditions have knocked on SARU hoping to get a solution and we hardly disappoint and much more enjoy walking with you for a transformative hair journey. Her signature fro look which she wears with a pride is an embodiment of what she hopes every woman who gets a touch of #Sarulove can experience; BOLDNESS, FREEDOM & CELEBRATING OUR UNIQUENESS.

Since the beginning, Mkamboi Mwakale and her team have been dedicated to develop products adapted to different hair needs and lifestyle. Today this acquired expertise allows us to offer customized recommendations adapted to your hair porosity, environment and history. Whether your hair is subjected to external aggressors (pollution, sun, wind, straightening, hairline manipulation…) or internal factors (pregnancy, breastfeeding, stress, tobacco..) our range of hair care has something adapted for the seasonality of your needs and lifestyle