Hair Porosity

Hair Porosity


Hair porosity is a term used to simply describe the hair moisture retention capabilities and how fast or slow it takes to absorb moisture. It is important to know your hair porosity, as this would dictate what type of daily hair care routine you can incorporate and the products to use. Here we will recommend the best moisturizers and sealants to use from our range.



Medium  Hair Porosity


This is the most ideal type of hair and what we refer to as normal hair. Medium porosity hair allows moisture to penetrate easily and it also makes it easier to retain moisture for a longer duration. You know you have medium hair porosity when;

  • Your hair is easy to style and can hold styles for a good length of time.
  • Your hair looks healthy and shiny
  • It doesn’t take too long for your hair to air dry


3 in 1 Moisture Rich Leave in Conditioner


Avocado Oil


High Hair Porosity


This type of hair allows moisture to be absorbed into the hair strands very easily, yet it doesn’t retain the moisture for long. It tends to behave as always thirsty and asking for more moisture. Avoid hot water when shampooing. You know you have high hair porosity when;

  • Water and other moisturizing products are quickly absorbed into your hair
  • Your hair breaks easily
  • Your hair tends to be frizzy and dry
  • It takes very little time for your hair to air dry


Shea & Avocado Butter Curls Pudding as a Sealant Moisturizer


Avocado Oil


Moringa & Lemongrass Hydrating Frizz Free spritz as a Moisturizer


Low Porosity Hair

With low porosity hair your cuticles are tight and very close together making it harder for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft. For low porosity hair use protein-free conditioners/masques. You know you have low porosity hair when;

  • Hair products tend to sit on your hair and don’t absorb easily.
  • Its takes time for water to fully saturate your hair when washing
  • It takes a longer time for your hair to air dry


Moringa & Lemongrass Hydrating Frizz Free Spritz as a Moisturizer and Scalp Care


Moringa & Lemongrass Curls Enhancing Custard as a Styling Product