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For the conscious customer who loves expressing their aunthetic beauty and needs to change their hair narrative from pain to beautiful. Saru Organics is an Indie Beauty natural hair care brand formulated with 100% biodegradable ingredients that delivers results-driven highly transformative beauty products for healthy gorgeous hair.


God did not make a mistake when He created you!  We are wonderfully and fearfully made, the attention and care with which God made us. Your type of hair is unique and beautiful and at SARU we believe in revealing to you that beautiful uniqueness in our hair diversity and empowering you to express yourself confidently. Our curly coily hair and straight hair types each have its own unique attributes that should be treated accordingly. For this reason we formulate our products with you in mind and chose to offer result driven products formulated with plant derived ingredients upto 90% (Exception includes the deionized water , raw honey and bee wax). Along with this natural approach, we also make sure to exclude any ingredient that may present a risk to your health or environment. We only use plant based oils and butters, our shampoo is sulfate free and our conditioners and masks are silicone-free! We also do not involve any animal testing during the developmental process.


We seek to think differently about hair care: that we are each wonderfully unique and celebrate that diversity. We do not seek to change the nature of your hair but rather delight in revealing the beauty of its nature. Your hair lives with you everyday and thus requires it to be adapted to your lifestyle and environment. We have overtime built our know-how of hair care regimen, which allow us to offer different hair types customized routine and recommendation. No matter if its styling, treatments, each of our formulation fits an identified need. We translate our expertise by providing a hair analysis test to best meet your expectations.


  • We work in partnership with local women farmers for our raw plant based materials. We develop products that are respectful of the planet and make sure to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Made in Kenya: All our hair care and styling products are made in Kenya at our workshop in RUIRU by Kenyans
  • Our packagings are eco-friendly; our plastic bottles and jars are 100% recycled and recyclable. We are a proud member of KEPRO that brings together producers, recycling companies and collectors for enabling a circular economy. We are constantly seeking to improve in this mission and work significantly to reduce our carbon footprint.