We are a brand that is ardent on listening to our customer needs because how else will we exist if we do not understand our clients? We have formulated products based on our customer demands and this has seen us grow from not just offering healthy hair care regimen products but going an extra mile and coming up with an all natural based styling products collection that we are super proud of!

A common query in our inboxes has been around the usage of our iconic Hair Reconstructor Protein Treatment Masque. I am the chief formulator of this brand and before starting any R&D for a potential Saru product we try to answer the following question in line with ur mission.

Is the product adding a unique value proposition to existing clients and potential customers?

Can the product tick our sustainability box by being formulated with 100% biodegradable ingredients and still give a highly transformative product?

Does it give more value to the customer and save time?

If the answers to the above questions give a resounding YES, then we do what we do best!

So what is our Hair Reconstructor Protein Treatment Masque all about? It is first a PROTEIN TREATMENT AND A DEEP CONDITIONER. While this is not your every day kind of regular masque or deep conditioner, a great hair care regimen would involve a protein treatment every 6 to 8 weeks. The protein available in our hair is often vulnerable to damage from harsh cleansers, chemical treatments, environmental stressors, heat styling, health issues and this can result to weak dry damaged with reduced elasticity hair experiencing excessive shedding.

Trying to replenish this loss is not as easy as applying some homemade ‘guacamole’ salsa with eggs but its more complicated than that. You require your strands to be able to absorb the protein by getting absorbed into the hair shaft and support integrity of the hair. So while eggs is one of our known proteins, unfortunately the hair will not absorb the molecules in it. A process called hydrolysis takes place where protein molecules are broken down into smaller fragments with lower molecular weight that can be absorbed by hair shafts. There are two sources of proteins and from both animal proteins and plant based proteins. The latter is what we focused on while creating our Hair Reconstructor Protein Treatment Masque.

Plant based hydrolysed proteins are water soluble, which gives the product an amazing ability for hair to be able to bind moisture while creating a soft, shiny, and protective properties for manageable hair. The hydrolysed proteins from the plant base source replace lost protein, strengthen the hair from inside, improves moisture retention and strands elasticity while giving hair shine and bounce!

How and when to use the Protein Masque?

Regularly after every 6 to 8 weeks to replenish lost proteins for medium and low porosity hair. However for weak damaged hair ( high porous) we recommend once a month till your hair is restored to a healthy look. You have weak damaged hair if your hair is very thin, damaged, dry, relaxed, or you find it difficult to style and lacks lustre. Once you embark on using the protein masque, your hair will start looking and feeling stronger, shinier, fuller and healthy.

Our Hair Reconstructor Protein Treatment Masque has plant based hydrolysed proteins and this means it leaves hair soft and with ability to retain moisture. This is the main reason and the uniqueness of our product because you do not need to follow up with a moisturising conditioner saving you both time and money. Next time you are heading to salon for a Protein Treatment , just carry one jar of the Saru masque and we can ensure the following benefits for your hair;

Reduces hair porosity from within

Makes it easier to style, healthy and shinier

Increases hair’s ability to receive and retain moisture

Eliminate frizz and tangles, reduce breakage and gives fuller hair.


On freshly cleansed hair , apply the treatment masque focusing on ends and hair shafts while avoiding scalp as it can clog up pores. You can use heat, or use a simple shower cap and leave it in for 25 to 45 minutes at most then rinse off the masque thoroughly.

Please note an overload of proteins makes your hair brittle. If your hair has had enough of proteins, lessen the frequency and focus on using moisturising treatments like our iconic Hair Growth Masque that is full of nutrient plant based ingredients to promote healthy gorgeous hair!

Wishing yo a healthy hair care journey and remember we are just a chat away via 0772-062-075 . We love listening to you and meeting your hair needs!

Author; Mkamboi Mwakale ( Founder & Chief Formulator at Saru Treasured Brands LTD.)

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